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new The Willows is being sold
The Parish council has tried for a long time to find a tenant to lease this village asset without sucess. We have been messed about by a lot of people and we are having to pay rates and other costs on an empty building. The time has come to sell it. Details and how to comment are accessed by clicking below
To read the notice please click here

F.A.S.T. and Furious: A fundraising rock gig at Swavesey Village College

Click on the image for more details.
Saturday 17th October at 7pm. Tickets and information available on the Swavesey Village College website. or at
The event is being organised by a parent who puts on several gigs a year in the local area with Play Papworth. The money raised will help us buy new school equipment for the art, drama, technology and sport department.

Main Surface Water Drain being Jet Washed
The 600mm diameter pipe connecting the manhole at the corner of Hanover Housing to the start of the Saxon Way Ditch is currently (21st September)being jet washed to remove the build up of silt that is possibly the reason we are having a problem with the Hanover corner drain. Only time will tell but if anyone sees this drain overflowing please let me or someone on the parish council know.

Hollytrees and Dam Brook flooding information
An analysis has been done of Dam Brook and what, if anything, can be done to improve its ability to carry water through the village.
A copy of this work has been sent to all the residents that have registered their email address with the Parish Council. If you haven't received a copy one can be downloaded by clicking here.

Major maintenance of the village Drainage assets completed
Bar Hill Parish Council has contracted ADC, a specialist drainage company, to bring all of the village surface water drainage assets up to a good standard. This work will be completed today, Friday 14th August 2015. To see what has been done and to discover more about the drainage of Bar Hill click on the picture or go to the Environment page.

Proposed busway/cycleway between Cambourne and Cambridge
For details click here

Cambridge re-use Newsletter
click image for details.

Bar Hill village fete 2015
The fete was a success and the weather, despite some gazibo challanging gusts of wind, was kind.
I have put some pictures of the event on the Bar Hill Fete website
If anyone has other pictures I would be pleased to add them to the site.

English classes for speakers of other languages
Full details added to the organisations page

Rubbish collection dates for Bar Hill
  • Thurs. 3rd Sept. green bin, blue bin etc.
  • Weds. 9th Sept. black bin
  • Weds. 16th Sept. green bin, blue bin etc.
  • Weds. 23rd Sept. black bin
  • Weds. 30th Sept. green bin, blue bin etc.

Cambridge County Councillor Lynda Harford's Report to parish councils
click here to read a copy

What Happened to our Website?
Our website was suspended by the hosting company around 16th April. It is now back on line. The process was a complete nightmare due to the refusal of Simon Munford to communicate and the very poor support by the hosting company I am putting together a page that will highlight the problems and how we solved them. The page will also have a short history of the website.

Bar Hill's defibrillator deployed
On the Evening of Wednesday March 11th the Bar Hill defibrillator was deployed to the Fox pub in response to a collapse of a person with known heart problems. The unit was not used in the event as the heart didn't stop and CPR was not needed. The defibrillator was returned to the box the following evening.
The week before the deployment the indicator light on the box failed. This light should show green when the defibrillator is in the box and red if it is not present. The failed PCB has now been replaced and if you are passing the Parish Council office please look to see if the light is green and email The Webmaster if it is red.

Phone and Email Scams to be aware of
There seems to be a new wave of these currently doing the rounds. We have just received an email from the local police regarding Job offer scams and I have added this to the phone and email scam page Go here for more information

Community Lifeline Service
The Community Lifeline Service provides a pendant alarm in your home which when pressed contacts a response centre so that help can be raised. Click here for more information.

Balancing lake improvements.
  • Any overgrowth at the balancing lake will be cut back (Just started).
  • The stream culverts will be cleaned out.
  • Any loose debris or blockages close to the bridges will be removed.
I have put together a page of information about this project
The Slot Weir is now completed and I have taken some pictures. Latest update 28th November

I will flag any new additions to the page of flood information as I get them.
Some new photos added 4th November. You can find the page here
The environment Agency has tools on its website to enable any one to create a flood plan for their own residence. To access the template go Here

New community singing event
A choir for anyone suffering from Alzheimer's, or anybody who merely enjoys singing is being formed.
Sing-a-longs will take place in the Village Hall each Monday from 13th October between 1 and 3 p.m.
This follows a similar project in Fulbourn which currently attracts over 30 singers.

Local police presence spread thinner
There have been some changes within the local policing team which will take immediate effect. In addition to Girton, Bar Hill, Dry Drayton, Lolworth and Boxworth, Elsworth, knapwell, Connington and Gravely have been added.
For a description of the powers of the Police Community Support Officer click here

Community Automated External Defibrillator
defib2 A Community Automated External Defibrillator has been installed on the Parish Council office wall. This device is available all day every day, is very simple to use by untrained people and is fully automated. If you want more information about this please email the webmaster or phone the Parish Council Office
There is a page of information giving more information about this here.

Bar Hill Community Car Scheme
The Community Car Scheme provides door-to-door transport for people who do not have the use of a car. Volunteer drivers use their own cars and are DBS checked and fully insured.
For more information please go here

Information regarding Longstowe
Including the plans for flood prevention and reference to a Roman street on the site
To read this report please go here.

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