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A14 Closures dates and Alternative Routes

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Closure Dates from 8pm until 6am
West bound (towards Huntington): None scheduled at present
Eastbound (towards Cambridge): Monday 24th April to Friday 28th April & Tuesday 2nd May to Friday 5th May.
The official diversion routes must follow A roads as they are to be used by heavy goods vehicles. These routes will be much longer than the routes using local roads. If you are a 'local' you will already know the routes you can use but for the more recent residents I have produced this map and directions. This set of directions is unofficial but I have lived in this area for 70 years and is my best advice.

May Bar Hill News
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Lynda Harford's report to Parish Councils
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Problems With The New Rubbish Collection System

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Community Market details for May and June
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Bar Hill's Disused Skate Park
Bar Hill's disused skate park by the roundabout is closed and work is in hand to remove the old shelters. Bar Hill Parish Council will not be pursuing the replacement of this facility and this is the final decision of the whole Parish Council.
Click here for more info regarding the original park

Community Facilities for Young People Working Party
The Parish Council has set up a working party to look at improving the facilities for young people living in Bar Hill. I have set up a webpage to keep the village residents informed. Go here to view it

Visit Denny Farmland Museum
A very family friendly museum located in a rural setting very close to Cambridge, just off the A10.
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A14 Upgrade Status report

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Rubbish collection dates for Bar Hill
  • Fri 28th April green and blue bins
  • Fri 5th May black bin
  • Thurs 11th May green and blue bins
  • Thurs 18th May black bin
  • Thurs 25th May green and blue bins
  • Friday 2nd June black bin
  • Thurs 8th June. green and blue bins
  • Thurs 15th June black bin
  • Thurs 22nd June. green and blue bins
  • Thurs 29th June. black bin
  • green and blue bins
  • black bin
  • Interesting visitors to our village
    Last Friday (11th March) we had a couple of unusual visitors to Bar Hill. I was pleased to see them and meet them as back in the late 60's, before I lived in Bar Hill, I used to ride with my girl friend from Dry Drayton across to Bar Hill, tie the horses outside Cambridge Consultants and partake of the free coffee
    map2 map2
    The chestnut with a blaze Freyds, 25, the black/brown okki, 18,
    ( is letter thorn, can written as Thokki)
    This is also an old english charactor.
    The skewbald is Salka, 3
    They are all Icelandic horses and more information can be found here

    Changes to the front of the village

    This is the CAD model of the redesigned pond and flyover click on the image to visit a page of details and pictures
    National Power Cut Phone Line.

    Click on the picture for the full details,or find more information on the website:

    Flood Investigation Report for Bar Hill - August 2014
    The Flood Investigation Report for the Bar Hill flood event in 2014 has just been published. I have put a copy on the website. Click here to read it

    Bar Hill Early History update
    Last Friday, 22nd January 2016, We had a visit from Brian Falk one of the team that was instrumental in the original creation of Bar Hill.
    Brian has passed to us a number of interesting documents and photos from the early days and I will make them available as soon as I can. This may take a little time as I need to digitise a lot of slides.
    Brian has sent us a document that shows the growth of the village from the original 2,500 people to where we are today (4,500). Click here to view it.
    I have copied the first set of 10 original drawings that were used to support the original planning proposal. Click here to view them.

    English classes for speakers of other languages
    Full details added to the organisations page

    Community Lifeline Service
    The Community Lifeline Service provides a pendant alarm in your home which when pressed contacts a response centre so that help can be raised. Click here for more information.

    I will flag any new additions to the page of flood information as I get them.
    Some new photos added 4th November. You can find the page here
    The environment Agency has tools on its website to enable any one to create a flood plan for their own residence. To access the template go Here

    Community Automated External Defibrillator
    defib2 A Community Automated External Defibrillator has been installed on the Parish Council office wall. This device is available all day every day, is very simple to use by untrained people and is fully automated. If you want more information about this please email the webmaster or phone the Parish Council Office
    There is a page of information giving more information about this here.

    Bar Hill Community Car Scheme
    The Community Car Scheme provides door-to-door transport for people who do not have the use of a car. Volunteer drivers use their own cars and are DBS checked and fully insured.
    For more information please go here