A SkatePark for Bar Hill?
I have gathered information about the original Bar Hill Skate park. The Parish Council has now (April 2017) declared the old skate park fully and finally closed. Steps will be taken to clear the old shelters and to make sure that the lights remain off. The police have been asked to keep an eye on the area.

Skate park referrences in the PC meeting minutes up to January 2017

Documents referring to maintenance and repair

Cottenham's new skate park completed July 2015 cost 90k. Click on the picture for details.

The skate park before it was removed
The site today
The underside of the structure
I am still trying to get information and am happy to receive any pictures or other info. I won't publish any unhelpful stuff.
  1. Skate park built in 2001 by Clever Curves (now in liquidation) designed by Dave Mousley (of Clever Curves)
  2. Funds for the design and the build provided by Bar Hill Parish council from the sale of Parish land.
  3. The cost of the park was 80K
  4. In May 2003 the Parish Council minuted that the cost of the skate park maintenance was expected to be 2000/year and this would be catered for in the precept
  5. In June 2003 the Parish Council paid 300 to have the ramps inspected
  6. In December 2003 Clever Curves quoted 1690+VAT to repair fire damage to the ramps
  7. In November 2013 and again in December 2013 the police raised significant concerns about the anti-social behavior on the site. Drugs, Drink etc.
  8. December 2013 PC meeting decision taken to demolish the skate park. In arriving at this decision the PC consulted with and sought advice from the Police, the Fire Service and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents ROSPA.
    It was deemed that the current skate park ramps were of a design dating back to the turn of the century and were constructed with materials that would not be used to build a modern park.
  9. Jan 2014 Report from company regarding damage to skatepark structures Jan 2014 & that in agreement with the fire authority, ROSPA, & police reports that the skatepark should be condemned.
In November 2013 a consultation was started to collect the views of the village. I don't have the proper results but I understand that only 200 replies were received.
On the 29th of March 2014 a major consultation was undertaken to look at the possibilities. I wasn't at this meeting but it looks to me as though the only interest was from a couple of residents and about 6 young skate park users. Quite a poor showing considering the effort to publicise it.
The results can be seen here
What Next?
The Parish Council has set up a working party to look at improving the facilities for young people living in Bar Hill. I have set up a webpage to keep the village residents informed. Go here to view it

Timelapse video of the construction of the Zero Degrees Skatepark in Peacehaven, East Sussex UK

The park took 4 months, 5100 manhours and cost 180k

ITV report on the demolition
Ryd Cook's film-1
Ryd Cook's film-2
Ryd Cook's film-3